The Key is Art

I have the memory of Sid Meier who says : « A game is… ». But the problem is here, in the « is ».

Can we say that a movie is a … ?

No. A painting, a movie, a book try to be. Search to be. Art is not sure to arrive to destination.

The Key is not design.

Design with art, art with design, ok.

But presence of art is essential. Because which is the part of life in design ?

Life like breath, like creation of spaces for thinking.

And during this IndieCade at Paris, I feeled closed to two talks, Matt Adams-Blast Theory and Tale of Tales.

These two talks open. They open.

They search to think. They try to say. They experiment. They try. It’s not PowerPoint. It’s not process. It’s human being who speak to other human being, with failure. Failures.

Beauty of failures.

It creates progressivly an other voice, a parallel voice. And it’s essential.


The battle is not finished. But the game is not only mechanical. Not only mathematical.

Also sensitive. Human being who express themselves, create something.

Consequently, when IndieCade Europe choosed Tale of Tales for a keynote, it’s a choice, a meaningful choice (title of the talk).

Games can be different. And this other voice takes importance.

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