Interview N.U.T.Z. for their campain Kickstarter

Is it possible to present you ? Who are you ? What’s NUTZ ? How this idea has been created ?

My name is Alexander Melchiorre. N.U.T.Z. is a non-linear platform game that incorporates elements of a shooting platformer, and is inspired by classics such as Megaman and Metroid. This project was started on in 2016 after I was denied entry to my university’s video game program. Since then I’ve garther a team of 4 and we’ve been working on it part time.


I played the demo. You spoke about Metroid. Do you want to complexify more the level design ? I appreciate the experience but sometimes i would like more complexe path. Megaman, i understand !

Yes I would like to add some more complexity to the level design. It does not reflect our non-linear feature very much, even if it is the first level. We have a long term plan to redo the level to make it more complex.


How do you define the purpose of the campaign Kickstarter ? 38000 it’s not nothing

We think its a good initial amount to start financing us. btw thats 38k CAD. Not USD. I have an american team.

We’ll likely need additional funding which we will secure through other means. People are under the impression that it takes a small amount of money to make a game and that it can be done with only say 10 or 20k on Kickstarter. That is not a good perception and often these teams simply use Kickstarter as one form of financing, like us.


Is it possible to know more about your team ? Do you have specific roles ?


Alex: Started gaming young and has loved it ever since. He started making video games in high school for family and friends. In 2016 Alex was denied from entering his university program which led to him forming the team and incorporating Pandemonium Interactive one year later. Alex is primarily responsible for overall game and level design. He likes to lead from the front with both boots on the ground Alex thinks of himself as the tavern keeper and loves to give a smile and a wink.

Joshua: Started his earliest gaming days playing Mega Man and Sonic. His passion for gaming and music helped direct him down the path toward the games industry. Besides his musical talents he is also a game developer and is the creator of 8 Bits to Infinity. One heck of a bard.

Milton: Started playing video games in his early years. With his curiosity and love for games he found his calling in high school with games programming and graduated from the art institute of Atlanta with James, our artist. We call him the Wizard.

James: Attended the same school as Milton (the art institute of Atlanta). He always had a fascination with video game worlds and how they allowed for the escapism of the individual. For James the inclusiveness of a game world and the way it is fleshed out its art is what drives his passion on his projects. He thinks of himself as a exploring cartographer of game worlds. A ranger.


A last word ?

Check out our game on , come join our community and help us make this game the best it can be.

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