Ask #1 Audrey Leprince : about pacifism and video games

CP : Nowadays, games are often violent, furious and it’s rare that they’re peaceful, poetic, radical in this way. A game about a walk, about a story about a walk. Search mechanics in this kind of simplicity. God of War is released and the rage of Kratos run in all the world. For you, a peaceful, a poetic, a calm game design is compatible with our world, the world of industry ?

Audrey : I actually think there’s never been so much variety in the experiences offered to players than today. So many different games are exploring different experiences. Look at Stardew Valley, Firewatch, Animal crossing, The Sims, Edit Finch, Gone Home, Papers Please or even Minecraft! And those are blockbusters, best sellers, I’m not even talking about the more obscure indie games that are also here to offer a new kind of experience. Even God of War has a story mode! So definitely there is a space for games offering a peafecul, poetic and calm game design, and the space is growing. Journey is for me the best embodiment of that trend to this day.

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